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Proud to be Independently Owned to Serve You Better

At Vander Veen Flooring Service, we’re Sioux City’s only independent flooring company, offering custom prefinished, pre-engineered wood flooring installation. Because we’re locally owned and operated, with 3 generations in the industry, we’re able to provide individualized service that is nearly extinct amongst corporately owned flooring companies.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Wood Flooring Installation

What does this mean for you? We’ll be your single contact throughout the project, and you’ll benefit from our 30 years of experience in turnkey flooring installation. First off, Vander Veen will help you choose the perfect wood floor for your home or business. We’ll help you measure, estimate and order your new wood flooring so you’ll never have to worry about running short or overestimating your needs. You’ll receive a free, upfront estimate on our services, which includes removal and disposal of your existing flooring, plus subflooring and base work where needed. We’ll even bring free samples to your home for you to choose from.

Custom Pre-finished, Pre-engineered Wood Flooring

With pre-engineered, pre-finished flooring you know exactly what your floor will look like—there’s no guesswork involved in the finished product. Turnaround time is quick because there is no sanding, mess or smell involved with sealing, plus it is resistant to the expansion and contraction that occurs with solid wood planks. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Some of today’s popular wood flooring options include:

Heart Pine: Heart Pine has a bold wood grain. When installed, heart pine has a yellow hue that ages to a medium reddish-brown color.

Hickory: Hickory features hardwood graining that is varied and distinct. Color hues in a single piece of hickory flooring can range from very light to a deep golden brown, and individual boards present significant differences. Hickory is popular in wider planks that feature the complexity of the wood.

Maple: Maple generally features a creamy, light complexion, although some grades have streaks that range from medium brown to nearly black. The grain is fairly fine and light, varying from wavy to curly, and it does not take stain as evenly as other hardwoods.

Red Oak: Red Oak is considered the #1 hardwood flooring choice in the country today. It has rosy undertones and medium to heavy graining with some color variation. The bold graining takes stain well and helps hide the scratching and scarring that occurs from daily use.

White Oak: This is another popular wood flooring option. White Oak presents underlying hues that vary from golden brown to slightly gray. It features a hard, linear grain which takes stain evenly, limiting blotchiness.

Contact Vander Veen Flooring Service, the family-owned and operated wood flooring installation specialist with three generations of experience in the industry. We’re equipped and experienced to meet your needs. Big or small, we lay them all!


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